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Amazing Brick 1.1.7 apk, update on 2016-01-12
I'm not an amazing brick as named by my stupid creator. I'm just a happy brick, jumping joyfully around my beautiful colorful female neighbors...

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vishal goyal review vishal goyal
Loved it!!! A total timepass
I Loved this game. Its a nice time pass fun game. I use this to relax from daily work. I would like to suggest developer a small change if they like, when we are out, the game should restarts by itself i.e. instead of clicking on play button, i should be on tap to play screen to just start. That ways the fun remains intact and wish to score more continues.
Logan Fry review Logan Fry
Good game, but the ads....
I really enjoy this game, its simple and easy to learn yet has provided me with many hours of entertainment. The only problem is, at times full screen ads will load in the middle of a game, often causing you to die instantly. One of the most frustrating things ever
Michael Powell review Michael Powell
First time
This is honestly the first time I've went out of my way to rate this is defently the first time I've commented on something. Just wanted to say this game is hella fun like I can play for 5 mins and then bam it's been half an hour and about the adds while yes there are alot they take less then a second to deal with none of those long ass 30s ones so 4/5 would be 5 with slightly less adds gj guys
Rishabh Solanki review Rishabh Solanki
Good game, could be better
The game is addicitve and working fyn but the transition is not smooth from one level to next as in its predecessor Up & Up. Also can you fix this : After the blue tiles, the purple tiles start when you have four points. Because of it every color ends after you have 5n-2 points , i.e the new color begins at 5n-1 points where as traditionally it should begin at multiples of 5 . For some reason its very annoying. Fix this and you get my full vote.
A Google user review A Google user
OK but there should be a button that just makes you go straight forward. If you want a even cooler game you should get colour switch. It's spelt COLOR SWITCH because it's American. I don't know if adds pop up in the game because I've only had it for about 10 mins but the majority of the others say that adds do pop up so I'm guessing it's true. If you're thinking of getting this game I would sertantly advise you to. If you get this game and you like it please write a review. Can you also mention my name witch is hbr hbr.(that's not my real name)
Sam Gearin review Sam Gearin
Okay dudes, I've never played a better game by this company. I love it. I play it when I'm pooping I play when I'm not pooping and like I just can't even with this game its so good. Its like a relationship to me. At first everything is like heaven. And then it gets even better. But then it starts making u mad... But then its alright. Its a real groovy game to play I thought the world should know. DOWLOAD. And if u don't like it u can uninstall it quicker than 2 shakes a of a lambs tail ?.
Alexander Ochoa review Alexander Ochoa
Its a great game but the ads. I mean like they start wen you loose and when you enter the game also ads and now is starting ads when i in themiddle of the game so thats my only problem wih the game so i hope they would fix it i mean would it hurt if they can take if ads if the other games they have
Jeffrey Miller review Jeffrey Miller
This game feels like a properly designed flappy bird, with a twist. However, the game design focuses more on random than structure and has really poor game flow due to it, leading to a feeling of a huge amount of luck, rather than skill, to succeed. Patience, further, is most valuable, yet it still models itself on its roots, leading to a distinct dissonance between the game and the goals.
Bruno Kim Medeiros Cesar review Bruno Kim Medeiros Cesar
If you liked Flappy Bird this game is for you. However, it is almost unplayable with ads, which you can buy out in-app (R$ 4,65). I'm ok with this bussiness model, but the amount of ads may push many people away from this challenging game.
Deafnoboy review Deafnoboy
Randomly an ad will appear mid game, which usually means instant death. It usually happens on first game after app start up and happens very shortly after I start( before I get to 3) other than that, very fun!!!!
Amy-Jade Clements review Amy-Jade Clements
I love this game and it is very addictive! However, the game's motion is very jerky at times and the brick moves too suddenly and it makes you lose. Also, the game freezes a lot and I have to restart the app. If you fix these issues then I'll definitely give it 5 stars.
Daniel Meza review Daniel Meza
It's a good game, but it's basically just a vertical flappy bird with tons of more adds, and a bit harder. This reminds me of an app called chick fly chick die, which was in development and released a long time prior to this one. All in all, its okay, I guess
Stephen Henderson review Stephen Henderson
Why amazing brick do you attract me so much? I now take the longest dumps ever because of you... now i cant walk because my legs are asleep because i have been on the pot for so long.... i still love you... but quit being so darn addicting.
jesse hamel review jesse hamel
I love this game it is so much fun. I often find myself zoning out and just full out concentrating on this game. It is very addictive and a good time passes as you are always wanting to beat your friends or your own highscore.
TopFacts review TopFacts
Ads are okay. I know you want to earn. I have nothing against ads. But FFS you dont put fullscreen pop up ads in the middle of the game to ruin the frikkin experience. Have some decency.

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