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Always On Edge - Edge lighting 1.9.2 apk, update on 2018-08-17
Keep the Edges lighting all the time with 0% CPU usage, this is an accessory not just an app it is an app you made.

you know how Samsung S8 / S9 edges lights up when a notification comes on? well, this apps, unlike the others, makes you able to keep it lighting all the time without receiving a notification. in addition to lighting only when a notification comes

YOU CAN SUIT ME if this is not true: This app consume way less battery power than any another app of this kind even less than the official notifications lighting app that comes with the system. on top of that it also contains many more features and more customizable

It looks stunning on modern devices with AMOLED screens and edges.

it is more like an accessory not just an app. It is perfect for edge screen and edge mask devices.

it also can be used as an always on display app

You can control when to light edges and customize the color, speed, space, thickness, style and add multi-colored edges.

it supports Notch
and makes you able to make fake notch mask!

Although this app is ultra light on device resources and does not consume much power, still it is not recommended to use it 24/7 all the time.
the main usage is clearly to show off your device in front of others like at the university or a meeting.

This app works on any device but it is mainly aimed to devices that has AMOLED screens like Samsung S8 , S8+ , Samsung S9 , S9+ , note 8 and a lot more, it works/looks perfectly on AMOLED screens else it will consume more power. so please do not blame us if you do not have modern device.

If your device is not modern (AMOLED screen) no problem if you use it for when notifications come only.

At main page one click to hide text/navigation bar, Long click for settings and Double power button to lock screen with this edges.

Some people out here complain and down rate the app
only because it contains in-app purchase , and that act will not help anyone of us so;
about in-app purchase you can tray everything before purchase
and please respect that we have the right to sell digital product there is no shame and we do nothing wrong. the price is not more than a cup of coffee for who spend tons of minutes, efforts and calories to make this for you.

Always On Edge - Edge lighting APK reviews

Christian Craig review Christian Craig
I will answer your question . The reason people may not like your app is not because it s not a great app, it's because its only useful for 1hr and then you need to pay. What's the point? I suggest maybe make a simple version and also a paid version what could it hurt? Just a suggestion. Other than that YES the app is great. But I won't be using it because there are more than 1 hour in a day.
Yosi Ariyanda review Yosi Ariyanda
My fingerprint is not working for me.. I'm using samsung j5 prime
pbcpeshawar review pbcpeshawar
I Like this App veeryyy much
A Google user review A Google user
Can't even go to settings, doesn't work automatically. Uninstalled
danny chen review danny chen
this apps is near perfection of samsung always on . the only problem i had is when answerin phone call the display is turn on. but they are very good developer. they hear our complain n do some fix almost every day. very good job. im not regret buying this apps. keep up the good work
Mohammed SoHaiL review Mohammed SoHaiL
Great app. Very detailed edge effect settings. Please add more edge effects from good lock app. Thanks.
Franc Kang review Franc Kang
Awesome app but uninstalling because battery draining fast on my note 4
Mansour Sabit review Mansour Sabit
This app still needs some work. Still the notification icons are doubled when a notification is received. Further more it needs a function to change the size of the notification icons. The current size of notification icons is to small. It's almost the same size as the ones in the statusbar.
David Cunado review David Cunado
The best Developer, instant support by email, request help or features they help and work on it immediately. I asked to work on a razer chroma wave type and he added it within 2 days of testing and hard work.
100rabh 3pathi review 100rabh 3pathi
now everything is fine except one thing that there is no option to set edge lights for phone msges i mean only apps can be linked to AOE app!!!!! why?
Denise Zunno review Denise Zunno
The developer really took the time to make a superb Edge lighting app. This puts the stock Android app to shame.It is customizable, no hidden ads, great battery saving features including shut off times for notifications to save battery life. Would recommend this app to everyone who is looking for a notification Edge lighting app that has everything you were looking for built into one app!!!
Jojy Shaji review Jojy Shaji
Well worth. Can't believe third party app perform this stable. Add support for notch. Like wrapping around the notch. Add a notch size adjuster toggle also. Whatever you promised works great!
Trevor Buckton review Trevor Buckton
Excellent app.. Would be great if i could use this app to lock and unlock my phone.. Or integrate fingerprint recognition option into this app
praful jansari review praful jansari
Ok..its like a fun..but honestly i like it..good job man
Ahmed Chaudhary review Ahmed Chaudhary
Edge light becomes dim as we decrease screen brightness please solve this so that i can think i have not wasted my money
Jonathan Tupper review Jonathan Tupper
Great app, active dev. Not a huge fan of how the app layers itself over the lockscreen, so facial recognition doesn't work the same. Love to use it when my phone is charging at night, however I have found my phone doesn't charge as quickly as when not using the app. Disabled the app for now, gonna come back when there are a few more updates. Ty dev for your great app, great work!
Aswin Venugopal review Aswin Venugopal
I hate this application. It's just a waste of memory when it is on your smartphone. 😒 😔 🗑
Tristan Gillespie review Tristan Gillespie
This app is Great. I don't think it's fair to down rate because of the read notification. It has to have a notification listener in order to trigger the LED or edge notification. Please people, if you don't understand how something works, ask questions, don't berate someone's else's hard work.
s.k hello tech life review s.k hello tech life
Wow cool on Samsung j7 max......thanks for replay ....but trial 2 h only sad .....i have no money for paid .... ...
Ben Evans review Ben Evans
Great app , although it would be better if the notification mode stays on longer or flashes every few seconds. Also if you could set more than one mode on at a time , glow for show and flash for notification . Then it'll be even better :)
Gaurav Chadha review Gaurav Chadha
I purchased the full version on one device but cannot seem to run the full version on my second phone. Seems purchase is restricted to one device. Because when I try to buy it the second time, it says already purchased but does not let me run the full version.
A Google user review A Google user
Ended up not purchasing because I really wanted it for the notification light feature. When enabling on my s8+ it says they can read ANY notifications I get. Not liking that at all and surprised no one else has mentioned it. Also couldn't figure out how to choose a clock setting. Would highlight but would always go back to the default. Seems the developer is very responsive. I'll keep an eye on this app to see if changes are made.
Margaret Oralie review Margaret Oralie
Brilliant app with great idea. With this app I can keep the edges lightning all the time with 0 percent of CPU usage
Anil Kumbhar review Anil Kumbhar
Thanks for update software as I suggested for sleep time. If you add 1 more blinking option for call + notification that will looks like samsung edge 8+. It will be very impressive.
Tide Pods review Tide Pods
Every other lock screen app is off, but when I save settings and close the app, it won't appear when I lock my phone.
A Google user review A Google user
Its good app which make me think to buy it, but whenever i click buy button nothing happen. Please fix it. TQ dev
ellin singer review ellin singer
Still waiting to see if it works for me, do I have to disable the Samsung stock app?do you know how to disable the Samsung default ap? I like my always on display , I thought this was just for the edge lighting" thank you for all your prompt responses, I will give that a try and wait for some more updates, thank you! please explain how and when the 10 sec setting is supposed to activate, and I just tried the two new ones and I don't see flickering or worm
nidhal ben alaya review nidhal ben alaya
أفضل تطبيق اشعارات للحواف بالمتجر 💪💪
A Google user review A Google user
Loren Vidican review Loren Vidican
Looks very good. I'm sure that you will add more features in future, one that I want is an option to have corners not so rounded for Note8. Edit: done, thank you very muck!
Steven Borrayo review Steven Borrayo
I expected to have the edge lighting always on even when I'm doing other tasks not just when my screen is locked. Disappointed.
Richandra Sinaga review Richandra Sinaga
Add more features like a notificaton light
Thiên Trúc Nguyễn review Thiên Trúc Nguyễn
Its awesome to show off your device in front of others
jonathan t review jonathan t
S Watson review S Watson
I am so happy with this app that I wish to rate it more then 5 as this is a real good app to use
Waleed Aslam review Waleed Aslam
This app deserve more than 5 star .thanks for creating this app 😚😚
A Google user review A Google user
Works as described, keep up the good work, dev! I'd be happy with some options for edge lighting that isn't quite so active. Maybe a single, small line slowly moving around the phone. Just an idea. I'm always one to support development and will keep an eye on this app for future updates.
Janey Phillips review Janey Phillips
Hi, I bought this app bcz it says the Edge Lighting can be on at all times instead of just when a notification comes thru... But I can't seem to get that that setting available or is it only working when a notification comes thru bcz my own edge lighting on my Galaxy s9 plus provides that lol! Maybe I'm doing something wrong?...and It seems I have to open the app every time I want to activate the lighting even on my lock screen?.. Again if I'm not doing it correctly advice would be welcome, but if that's the case having to open your app every time to activate it then its far too mucg messing about... Imma little disappointed lol
Ben Somerville review Ben Somerville
3 stars my worry on a samoled screen is screen burn and I would like the clock on display but being as bold as it is it needs to have a function so that it doesn't stay in a fixed position
Muhammad Nur Azeem Kamarudin review Muhammad Nur Azeem Kamarudin
Very nice and interesting apps for the amoled screen. However, its better if you can put some clock type option such as Digital and Analog also have different designs.