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Learn English Vocabulary With Artificial Intelligence-Powered App & Flashcards

English Vocabulary for Beginners - Flashcards description

Vocabulary is very important because it is the first foundation of any language. Possessing a rich English vocabulary, you can express more things, help communicate in English better.

Ai English is a free English Vocabulary app for beginners; with AI approach, you can learn languages ​​5 times faster than traditional methods. Just 15 minutes of practice every day, you will memorize more than 250 words per month!

*Application is easy to use, recommended for learning English for kids

Why should choose to learn Vocabulary with Ai English:

1. Effective learning method:
- Smart AI system will analyze your learning habits and results, thereby giving lesson plans and vocabulary suitable for each learner.
- Intermittent word repetition method, together with smart display flashcards system, helps you maximize your memory retention compared to conventional methods.

2. Detailed learning syllabus:
- With just 15 minutes of practice a day, you can memorize at least 250 new words per month
- Vocabulary set of more than 60,000+ words, with practice contexts to help improve English grammar
- Diverse lessons, maximize listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities

3. Develop a personal learning route:
- Choose to study vocabulary by topic, level or customize your own favorite vocabulary
- Store the learning path for each level of development from beginner to advanced

4. Learn English vocabulary offline
- Support users anytime, anywhere. You can learn English effectively, just by phone, even without an internet connection

5. Simple and beautiful interface
- Save your time on each touch and help you have a pleasant experience
- The illustrations are vivid, helping the brain to easily memorize new words

How to start learning English with Ai English:
- Sep 1: Download the app on the Store
- Sep 2: Set up your profile: Choose the right level and favorite theme
- Sep 3: Get ready to enjoy the most effective learning fun you'll ever know!

Application to learn English Vocabulary for beginners - Ai English will definitely be the best choice for you to improve your vocabulary and confidence in communication. Let's get started today!

* More information:
Website: https://ailanguage.co/
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