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Age of Voyage - pirate's war
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Age of Voyage - pirate's war 1.5 apk, update on 2017-04-27
Age of Voyage is an oceanic adventure game. In the era of pirates, you can become the most powerful king through adventures and wars. You can strengthen your warships by exploring pirates' treasures in the ocean or plunder treasures by directly attacking other pirates.

When you are in defense or attack, you need to win victory in the real-time battle by utilizing your strategies and tactics to ensure the gradual level up of your warships. Tens of well-known pirate ships are waiting for your sailing.

Construct the world order
You can create a new empire in the game by creating your own empire or joining a powerful oceanic empire with other pirate captains from each corner of the world.

SLG + Card Training Playing Methods
Aside from the classic SLG strategy playing method, an additional Card stage and battleship development playing method have been created to allow casual players, who play for entertainment, to survive and continue to acquire resources in this dog-eat-dog world.

Challenge Friends Minute by Minute
Online multiplayer PVP, you're not the only Sea King! In the game you will face players from all over the world, and with the threat of war approaching, attack is the best defense.

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Age of Voyage - pirate's war APK reviews

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Ziggy Zaggy review Ziggy Zaggy
Recent version 1.2.0
Love the game, very fun but recent update can't log in at all. Update: Still crashes, when I try to open the game. Update 2: I see Oasis telling people to update to 1.2.1 but I don't see that option, still 1.2.0 for me! Nexus 6. Update 3: I have reinstalled the game a few times, even used ccleaner, to make sure there's no trace. Maybe Android 7.0 isn't supported?
Mr FluffyToYou review Mr FluffyToYou
recent update destroyed the game
My alliance the Fluffies where set to take top spot. During this down time where i cannot even open the game! i am losing out on my login bonuses and on my VIP privileges. This is not okay. Also your support system is very slow but due to the gameplay and rewards system I was going to give the game 5 stars. But with the most recent update my game won't even load in.... just gets stick on the loading screen fix this for 5 stars
William Stiff review William Stiff
Great Game - Poor Service
Used to work on Android 7.0 but after an uninstall and reinstall yesterday app won't even open. Support is slow to respond to tickets and every update messes something else up in the game.
Gavin Prus review Gavin Prus
If you like being seal clubbed by the secret alliances, this game is for you!!!
If the bugs weren't bad enough, you have too watch out for the top alliances that secret alliances with each other, so they can maintain the monopoly of power. Definitely not what I was looking for in this game. Same problem as a lot of people now, can't even open the game! But I'm sure they are still taking people's money !!! Wow, tried what you advised and still it doesn't work! Keep up the good work!!!
Gavin Smith review Gavin Smith
top game
great game, many hours of fun. don't get resource hit as much as some other games but it does still happen. plunder gold, build big hordes of pirates and pirate ships and sail the seven seas till you get treasure from the treasure islands ;).
Chris Dunn review Chris Dunn
Each update ruins the game
I really enjoyed playing this game, but the last update made it not worth it anymore. There are still a lot of bugs in the game yet they decide to change rewards in the game to make playing the game boring. There's really no point to vip anymore. These developers have no idea what they are doing and have a rookie team working for them. The game they had before the update was far more superior to this garbage.
Rich Meechang review Rich Meechang
Cool game
I'm level 19 online rewards not good this morning I would try send my ships to hit someone and they would go in other Direction and coast me 50 PEARLS to recall them happen 5 times now gutted I had to use pearls for a developer fault!
Coley Stephens review Coley Stephens
Age of voyage
Good game has some bugs, typical if you want to compete be prepared to pay money, over all its fun to play, it needs a few touches. You can't click on a player in your alliance that is on the main map which sucks cause you have to try to find them and the maps are big.
Aggravator Sunrunner review Aggravator Sunrunner
Was fun for a few days
Was somewhat fun until all the glaring issues with pay to win, bugs, broken ui and no way to move servers to get away from pay to win players that unbalance an already unbalanced game. If you want to waste your money and time, this game us it.
do not download
my wifes acct has been bugged out for 3 days. customer support argues with her instead of righting the problem. Gameplay wise not a bad game, but severly short on content and customer support is incompetent.
Andrew plowden review Andrew plowden
Not good support
Was 5 stars but bugs take days / weeks to be fixed down to 3. Daily connection problems. Sad really as this is a good game trying to get out of bad developers.
Chris Bennett review Chris Bennett
Can't Change Server
No point in playing when your started on an old server where everyone is millions more then you in power leaving no room for you to grow. Would be a great game if you could change to a new server.
jim kerr review jim kerr
After playing the game for almost a year and even paying for pearls, they upgrade the game making my captain inaccessible. I have spent the last few weeks trying to get the admins to fix it and now they are telling me that they can not. I am very disappointed with them. Update... My account is still not fixed even after more emails.
Stephen O'Neill review Stephen O'Neill
OG = outlandishly greedy and replaced what was once a brilliant game with an inferior game that is more just eye candy. the only way a game can get this bad is thru negligence and incompetence that is hard to imagine in todays business world. the entire staff should feel ashamed for what they have done. All management should be fired for allowing their subordinates destroy the cash cow they can no longer milk. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY, OG (Oasis Games) HAS DONE IT ALREADY! show them the kind of support they show their paying customers, none whatsoever. would have rated it under one star but couldn't
Rich review Rich
got a new phone downloaded game and it took me back to level 1 stink updating didn't take me back to level 39 a lot of time has been wasted