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America First Card Guard™ - Card security and alerts that you control.

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With Card Guard from America First, your Android device puts you in control. Using America First Card Guard, you can determine where your Visa® cards can be used and where they can’t. You’ll set the amounts, locations, merchants, and/or transaction types your America First cards will process. Control or alert changes take effect instantly so you can make changes on the go.

• Receive real-time alerts anytime your card is authorized or declined or create them based on your preferences.

• Lock your card when you're not using it and turn it on when you're ready to pay.

• Set a dollar threshold that limits your card transactions to an amount you specify.

• Define a geographic location where your cards will work or select My Location to authorize charges in the vicinity of your Android device.

• Specify which kinds of merchants or transaction types can clear your account.

America First Card Guard - Security you control™
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