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8Super is a security app manager, cleans cache and duplicate files, contacts

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8Super App Manager & Cleaner description

Welcome to 8Super - the best solution for taking care of your device with a range of powerful security and handy features:

📲 Apps Manager function does analysis of installed apps on your device for sensitive permissions like access to camera, contacts, location, etc. (see the full list below). Now you can understand which apps are potentially dangerous and efficiently manage and uninstall not trusted applications.

To make "Apps Manager" function work we need access to the installed apps on your device using special permission QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES. It makes possible to build the full list of installed apps and do analysis of their permissions and give you ways to manage the apps you trust and action with those whom you don't trust.

We do analysis of the following sensitive permissions for each installed app:

📱 Apps Data Cleaner: Safely eliminate unneeded data from installed applications.

To make this function work we declared the "QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES" permission which has access to the installed apps on your device. It makes possible to build the full list of installed non-system apps and collect information about their cache size.

For correct functionality of the "Apps Data Cleaning" you are required to enable the "Accessibility Access" permission. It is used only to automate the routines of cleaning the 3rd party apps data and is never intended to be used somehow else. Our app is not "IsAccessibilityTool" and is not used to support people with disabilities but requires this permission as a mean of cleaning 3rd party apps data.
Every user can reject providing the app with the Accessibility Permission and continue working with the app using other functions we have so it is not a blocker but just limits this specific function of our app.

🤳 Duplicates Photos Cleaner: Optimize your gallery by removing duplicate photos.

📽 Duplicates Videos Cleaner: Free up space by identifying and deleting duplicate videos.

☎️ Duplicates Contacts Cleaner: Organize your contacts by removing duplicate entries.

🖥 Screenshots Cleaner: Tidy up your device by managing and deleting unnecessary screenshots.

💾 Big Files Cleaner: Identify and remove large files to reclaim valuable storage space.

🗑 Junk Cleaner: Remove unnecessary files left by uninstalled apps in the temp folders

⚙️ System Cleaner: Clear out redundant system files to free up space.

📀 Memory Analysis: Gain insights into your device's memory usage for easier understanding what consumes the space most and where the main action should be applied

Install 8Super now to experience more organized and secure Android device!
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