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5G Phone support check | Connect to VPN | Speed Test | 4G to 5G Network Switch

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5G Phone Check - VPN Internet description

Wanna Know about your device's 5g Compatibility?
Check your phone's compatibility & Switch to a 5G Network.

The 5G Network has been launched in almost every city and we know how impressive and dynamic it is. 5G provides a blazing-fast internet experience. But how do you check whether your android device or phone supports 5G or not? 5G Phone Check - VPN Internet helps you to check the 5G compatibility of your phone, or android device so that you can easily switch to the network provider 5G network and enjoy high-speed internet on your android device. Also wanna know your Internet speed?

Perform a speed test to identify the download and upload speed on a 5G Network. The speed test connects you to a near and reliable server, but this 5G app even helps you identify ping drop, download speed, and upload speed as well.

5G Phone Check - VPN Internet also helps you enjoy VPN Service without any delay and with the best servers.

Most Android devices can automatically switch from 5G Phone Check - VPN Internet if there is 5G coverage available, but some android devices or phones require their settings to be twisted a little bit to discover 5G networks and opt for them.

Speed test for WiFi and Mobile Internet
5G Phone Check - VPN Internet speed tests measure your mobile and wifi speed and signal strength. 5G Phone Check - VPN Internet runs a Small Duration download speed test, small duration upload test, and a ping test to identify a lag or latency in the network. The speed test runs on common and near internet servers on the radar.

5G Phone Check - VPN Internet lets you manually select your preferred network(3G, 4G, or 5G)

The 5G Phone Check - VPN Internet LTE app comes with many other smart utility features bundled in.

ℹ️ Get Device & SIM Info such as SIM Number, SIM operator name, Model Name, IMEI Number, Android Version, API level, Hardware Info & Brand, Phone Resolution, and API level.

📶 Mobile Network LTE Switcher Easily Switch between 5G Phone Check - VPN Internet after you are driven to the network switch page in Phone Settings.

ℹ️ Data Usage
Track your data consumption, and never miss an update during the day with natural call updates. This accurate tracking feature tracks both WiFi usage & mobile data usage.

🚀Free Unlimited VPN
5G Phone Check - VPN Internet encrypts your Internet connection so that third parties can’t track your online activity, making it more secure than a typical proxy network, use a free VPN without any restrictions.

🚀Global VPN Servers
5G Phone Check - VPN Internet provides 16 servers across the Global which helps users attain free VPN service from top servers to provide the free VPN Service -
1) United States Servers
2) Japan Servers
3) Germany Servers
4) Korea Servers

🚀Additional features of our free VPN service
A large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth
Works with 5G, LTE/4G, and 3G all mobile data carriers and WiFi
Choose the server of your choice
Elegant UI
No usage and time limit
No registration or configuration required

🚀 Internet Speed Test: Test your phone's internet downloading and uploading speed. Can check internet speed for both Mobile Data OR WiFi. Get your recent test results too.

Additional Features:
⭐ Easy-to-use UI
⭐ Lightweight
⭐ Completely free with no in-app purchases.
⭐ Fast & Free VPN
⭐ Free Global VPN reliable servers

Note: This app does not modify any hardware settings to change from a 5G Phone Check - VPN Internet Network, It verifies compatibility if not a 5g device then this app just lands on the Phones network settings page where you can switch your desired network.

The app is in the beta stage / first phase, if you have any feature requests or bug reports, please mail us at: mailto:[email protected]
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