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Connect to and configure your 4iiii PRECISION, Viiiiva, and Fliiiight

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4iiii Device Configuration description

Let the 4iiii Android App help you achieve your running, cycling and fitness goals! Designed to easily connect you to your activity data, this app is your gateway to personalized sensor configuration, accurate data real-time viewing and updated key features.

Connect and configure:
- 4iiii Viiiiva Heart Rate Monitor - the unique algorithms of this sensor picks up the most sensitive of heart rates. This device also serves as a bridge to your smartphone allowing you to transfer data from ANT+ sensors through Viiiiva to your smartphone.
- PRECISION power meter - gain in-depth data on your cycling power output including watts, average and max power.
- ANT+ enabled sensors to Bluetooth compatible head units and app.
- Easily install upgrades.
- Access your ANT+ ID.

Access valuable activity metrics including:
- Heart rate, foot speed, foot cadence, bike power (watts, average and max power), bike cadence, calorie count.

View your 4iiii and ANT+ sensor data:
- On your smartphone: your Viiiiva will move data from all your sensors to your smartphone with Bluetooth Smart. Data from all sensors can be viewed simultaneously on the 4iiii sensor data screen.

Activity Logging
- Use your Viiiiva to store up to 65 hours worth of data so you can forward and review your data later.
Transfer and Share
- From your 4iiii app, email your activity logs to your inbox from where you can transfer them to your favourite third party training app or website, anytime, anywhere.

Viiiiva allows the connection of ANT+ sensors to Android products using Bluetooth Smart.

The app is compatible with devices running Android 4.3 and up with Bluetooth Smart support.
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