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3D Aesthetic Wallpaper App is free app that has a large varieties of Wallpapers

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47 ratings

3D Aesthetic Wallpaper description

3D Aesthetic Wallpaper App is free app that has a large varieties of 3D Wallpapers, 4K Wallpapers as well as Full HD wallpapers | backgrounds.

We add new Unique as well as Trends Wallpapers | 4K Wallpapers | Full HD Wallpapers everyweek! This app is a great tool for 3D Backgrounds | 4K Backgrounds | Full HD Backgrounds to Personalize your phone with HD wallpaper.

❉Features of application

👉3D Wallpapers 2021
- 4D depth effect controlled by mobile's motion sensors. 3D Wallpaper is new approach with real 4D depth effect.

👉Live Wallpapers
- Easily set live video wallpaper in your mobile and Have lots of video effects as wallpaper / background on your screen.

👉4K Wallpapers
- Mobile wallpaper/background moves as your mobile movement. Get free movable 4k wallpapers.

👉Dual wallpapers
- Make you mobile Lock And Unlock Screen attractive. Get Lots of beautiful combo of Double wallpapers.

- Based on user downloads and View, Popular wallpapers sorted.

👉Top Categories
- Displaying top used categories which most likely by users.

It has more than 5000+ hd wallpapers and best backgrounds.

- We provide wallpapers and backgrounds sorted across 37+ categories which includes:
3D Wallpapers, Amoled, Nature, Girls, Love, Animal & Birds, Flowers, Kawaii, Lights, Sports, Mask, Architecture, Food, Ocean, Cartoon, Babies, Quotes, Art, Music, Space, Vintage, Abstract, Tourism, Texture, Solid & Gradient, Bokeh etc.

The wallpapers are collected from free to use sources. If you believe you are the copyright owner of the wallpaper and if you need to be credited or if you want the wallpaper to be removed then feel free to contact us.
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