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300: Seize Your Glory 1.0.0 apk, update on 2016-01-14
Play 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE - SEIZE YOUR GLORY and help Greek general Themistokles unite all of Greece by stopping the invading forces led by Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.  

300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, A new chapter of the epic saga takes the action to a fresh - battlefield - on the sea - starring Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson & Rodrigo Santoro. In theaters March 7!

300: Seize Your Glory APK reviews

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Gaz Smith review Gaz Smith
Well I got into the game started enjoying it then it was the end? 4 battles that was it make it longer and we will see bout me changing the rating
Andy Wills review Andy Wills
Not bad...but...
The game is too short. It needs a few little tweaks too, maybe a mini-map to show which direction the enemies are coming from and possibly some sort of 'attack combo' could be introduced. But otherwise graphics are alright and general gameplay is fine. Videos are quite nice also.
Manav Mehta review Manav Mehta
Best action game
Good graphics...but only 4 battles I have completed levels in 20 min. And this is very small game otherwise this game is very good plz upgrade the game and develope more missions, including story mode, and also develope new powers n weapons also...
Gabrielle Craigie review Gabrielle Craigie
Love it
I love the movie and the game but its too short. 4 battles really? Its too short....where is the part where Leonidas' wife comes as soon as Themistocles kills Artemisia with a bunch of Spartans and Athenians and Xerxes is ready to attack.....Atremisia doesn't even die in the game she runs away....why?????
Riccardo Johnston review Riccardo Johnston
Dont even know how to rate
Great game kinda like god of war very short finished entire game in about 10 minutes first try more like a demo this one
Sartaz Hussain review Sartaz Hussain
Good but short
The game is quite impressive with good graphics and movie like scenes. But cannot be enjoyed more than half an hour.... Also it seems that the game is left incomplete when fourth (last) level is finished. If an extension is available let me know and then I can re rate this game.
Eddie Mojica review Eddie Mojica
Good for a promo game
I see a lot of people commented saying that this game was too short and they should update. Obviously they're not going to update anything because this game is just to promote the movie. Don't expect any long storyline or even any boss fights. The game is fun till you end it 10 minutes later. However, it served it's purpose cause it made me more interested in the movie. Ok to download.. for the graphics and hack n' slash.
John Pulliam review John Pulliam
Great game for the 5 minutes it lasts for.
No but seriously, I lit a cigarette and smoked it and when I was putting it out I was just starting the 4th battle which is the final battle. So all in all about 10 minutes with the tutorial pop-ups slowing the game down. So without the tutorial I could have gotten it down to about 7-8 minutes. Still a very fun game with nice graphics. Only issue I had was turning around while in battle, I would have liked it too be easier to turn from one target to the next a lot easier. But either way, The battle has been won, and I had fun.
Dimitri Cassimatis review Dimitri Cassimatis
Mixed feelings
It's actually a well designed/fun game. Great graphics and playability. But the game itself is very short (10 mins max and you have finished it). Yes it's free but they could have made this a proper game and I believe people would have been happy to pay/been ok with in-app purchases. I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't so short but then again you get what you pay for
RockHoppr3 review RockHoppr3
Short but Fun for a Promotional Game
The game is fun and exciting. Even though it's short and can be finished with in ten to twenty minutes it provides a way to pass the time. The graphics are pretty decent (especially the water). However I wish they could have added some voice acting and dismemberment. A survival mode and more difficult combat would have been great too. If WB is reading this please turn this into a full game. If any other developers are reading this please make a free-to-play full game like this.
Ari Van Pamelen review Ari Van Pamelen
Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
That was a great game ever!! For me, event i got little bit leggy but it's not a problem for me, and the graphics was so EPIC!!! but why this game only have a 4 battles? Please add more level..and i will give this game 5 stars and i'm gonna recommend this game to all of my friends!!! But thank's WB to make the great game as a free :)
Shantanu Rai review Shantanu Rai
I just loved it.
Just wanna say... Short game, shouldn't b a criteria to give a game 1 star. This game is just an idea. Give it 5 stars if want more of it. That's how the world works.. Does it not? To WB.. It's been long since I have been waiting for 300, android game. Who do I contact if I have an idea for a game? :|