2048 X, two, zero, four, eight APK

2048 X, two, zero, four, eight
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2048 X, two, zero, four, eight 1.0.0 apk, update on 2016-01-12
x2048. Dive into the exciting world of numbers and chips with laser light edges exciting new two zero four eight: 2048 X.
Twenty forty-eight X is a game created to put the limit your mind and boldness, only the best will be able to solve the puzzle and achieve exponential mathematical target marked chips. Will you be one of them ?.
Two thousand forty-eight, X has seven different game boards. The three by three, four by four, five by five, six, six, seven times seven, eight by eight and sixteen by sixteen amazing.
In large board you can use the automatic game engine by pressing the super tornado to select the algorithm that you like: corners, sides, black hole, random, etc.
2048 How to play?
By starting each game two tabs appear, they may be two or four random value, slide your finger on the screen of your phone or tablet to one side (left or right), (up or down), and all the chips will move to the empty boxes on the side that you've slipped. By bringing chips same value / Color merge these creating a new record of double numerical value. For example if beget together two twos is a four, two fours together they will generate an eight, to merge two chips worth eight sixteen a chip value and thus always created to achieve the target tab. Every time you make a move a new tab will appear on the board located anywhere with value two or four. Each level of 2048 X has 3 goals for every goal achieved a red star is won when you get three stars can keep playing to try to mount a greater laser sheet and put your best score in the ranking of Google Play and achievements also They will be included.
tricks and more fun
The best trick to play correctly and achieve better results in the game is to try to keep the most valuable record number in a corner, the lower right corner is perfect for better usability, intended that the record of greater value is placed in that corner and the next higher value next to it. Do not forget you can use the button (undo) to correct the last movement, this button is useful or even necessary to get on well in the game, you can use it as many times as you like for example if you want the next record to appear it is a four but will appear one two, you can undo again and again until you display a four. This is the trick used by professionals 2048.
According to most users who tried the alpha and beta version of X two thousand and forty-eight, funniest board is three times three (3x3) with the challenge of getting the record of five hundred and twelve (512), some professionals managed even twenty thousand sheet value (1024). Being the smaller board that there is certainly more fun for most people. But some people prefer to go to maximum and playing board 16x16 super boxes, getting through the use of automated algorithms chips even 2G, 3G and even 4G value. They use the car at full speed tornadoes leaving the game running for hours or even days continuously to achieve the best global score.
- The first to incorporate 16x16 and 3x3 boards, plus 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 and 8x8.
- Undo button and multiple autosave of items in each mode board.
- Ranking and achievements for each game mode
- Five game modes automatic, whirlpool, black hole, corners and sides and crazy random.
- Optimized for tablets and phones, full development in android 2.3 and beyond.
- Use your Google + account and access or share achievements and ranking in the Google implemented Plus button.
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SunshineGaming2 review SunshineGaming2
Das spiel ist cool und es sieht auch ein wenig erfrischend aus, mit den leuchtenden Farben. Die Tornados sind gut, vor allem das black hole. Es ist auch cool weil man es laufen lassen kann und es hohe Zahlen erzeugt ohne dass man etwas machen muss.
Esteban Gutierrez review Esteban Gutierrez
Fun addicting and fun make more I well die if you don't
محمد صادقی review محمد صادقی
چه بازی کس کش مادر جنده این بازی ساختی
Jeremy Hurt review Jeremy Hurt
Talk about an addicting game that makes you think. Thank you developers
John Ellis review John Ellis
Too many ads
lavonda mcnair review lavonda mcnair
Indra Rusmana review Indra Rusmana
A Google user review A Google user
I love it so addictive
A Google user review A Google user
Not bed
A Google user review A Google user
بدم میاو
Tiwana Moore review Tiwana Moore
sanjay sharma review sanjay sharma
Hated it