1Tap Receipts HMRC Tax Scanner APK

1Tap Receipts HMRC Tax Scanner
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1Tap Receipts HMRC Tax Scanner 1.9.3 apk, update on 2017-04-25
Accounting for your self employed HMRC tax return is quick and painless with 1Tap Receipts, the finance tracker app that lets you photograph any receipt, invoice, or other business expense and automatically extracts information for your tax records.

Self employed workers – Tax season is almost here. 1Tap Receipts makes your self employed HMRC tax return as easy as one quick snap with its convenient auto-populate feature.

Scan receipts and invoices by snapping a photo. 1Tap will extract the supplier, date, amount and self assessment tax category for you with UNBELIEVABLE accuracy. Expenses and receipt data will be used to pre-populate your HMRC Self Assessment. You can even see what types of purchases you can make with your tax savings! How high can your savings go?

Remember a £100 receipt is £20 less to pay at tax time for many self employed people in the UK, so snapping receipts boosts your income just like working longer hours!


Self Employment Tax Calculator
- Self employed? Tax time doesn’t have to be painful. Simply snap your receipts to get started
- Our scanner extracts key information and automatically updates your Self Assessment

Receipt Tracker & Invoice App
- Receipt scanner instantly finds and logs relevant information from your receipts
- Invoice data is scanned right to your HMRC pre-assessment for fast filing

HMRC Tax Categorisation
- HMRC tax calculator automatically fills out your pre-assessment, saving you time
- Come back to make manual changes if needed
- HMRC now accepts photos as proof of your business expenses. Simply snap your expense receipts to make sure you’re getting the most money back
- 1Tap Receipts even checks for deductions to get you the best tax return

Turn Expenses Into Cash
- See how much money you’ve saved on your HMRC taxes
- 1Tap will even suggest rewards that you could buy with your newfound cash. Treat yourself!

1Tap is Perfect For:
- Sole Traders
- Contractors

- Unlimited receipt scanning
- Invoice your past expenses with comprehensive CSV reports
- Save receipt data with up to 50GB storage
- Receipt processing is up to 2x as fast

Self employed and sole trader individuals have some serious responsibilities. Nobody goes into business to spend endless hours mired in stressful accounting work. 1Tap Receipts offers a smart, fun, and easy alternative that makes budgeting your tax return and finances for tax time hassle-free.


1. SNAP A PHOTO: Open 1Tap Receipts and snap your receipt or invoice.
2. EXTRACT EXPENSES: Data from your receipts and invoices will be automatically extracted and placed in the correct HMRC expense category.
3. VIEW YOUR HMRC FORM ANY TIME: Your HMRC Self Assessment is always on hand so you can see how your tax deduction is shaping up.
4. SAVE AND SHARE RECEIPTS: Your receipts and invoices are safely stored, so you can share them with your accountant or whoever else may need to see them.

Check out the reviews or better yet, try it out right now with the worst receipt you can find and see how it goes!

1Tap Receipts HMRC Tax Scanner APK reviews

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Carol Verity review Carol Verity
So far so good
Works brilliantly and recognises most receipt photos. Not used for any submissions yet.
Richard Immergluck review Richard Immergluck
So far so good.
Would be useful to have the option to list recent receipts in the order they were added as well as date order.
Emma Donaldson review Emma Donaldson
Great app
Easy to use helps me keep on top of paperwork
Matt Salisbury review Matt Salisbury
So simple yet effective
Just what I was looking for....
Krzysztof Wilkosz review Krzysztof Wilkosz
Amazing app!
Massive time saver!
Dominic Pascal review Dominic Pascal
Looks decent so far. Needs ability to split expenses on one receipt and also categorise direct and indirect expenses. Thank you for the reply. Does it also have VAT capabilities?
Harry Jewell review Harry Jewell
I really like the app, but isn't the infomation the same as a bank statement? Plus a mileage tracker would be good
Ally Mcclintock review Ally Mcclintock
Seems ok so far
david wilkindon review david wilkindon
Brilliant thanks
Tiago Mendes review Tiago Mendes
Nick B review Nick B
Like the app
So far so good with this app. It's a very helpful app even if just used to get a over all understanding of what's been spent. I fill my tax online so for me I'll just us date from app when filling out. I know already it's saved me 4 hours and last year that's how long it took me to write out everything. Would say check each amount for what u upload as its not always right but it's easy to edit
Chrissy Webster review Chrissy Webster
Ok scanning so far
Not got to adding it all up, but scans in dim night light, so far so good. Might have to pay for the bits that I really need to get it done, so will review more at that stage
Jo Galbraith review Jo Galbraith
So far so good
Just done 2 months receipts in 5 mins -so far so good!
Jony B review Jony B
Good little bookkeeping app
Been using this a while and found it super easy. Totes ready for end of Jan now.
Ayshazen Cats review Ayshazen Cats
Thank you for your support, previous issue resolved. Good communication and excellent app! Any word of a search transaction function?