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Nursing Timer Tracker
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Nursing Timer Tracker 3.08 apk, update on 2017-02-24
Best tracking and monitoring app for nursing baby.
Simple, Intuitive and Fast.

- Stopwatch timer that records breast feeding, bottle feeding, pumping, sleeping, diapers(pee and poop)
- Can play sounds that helps baby's sleeping.
- Multi language support.

Nursing Timer Tracker APK reviews

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A.M. Slaughter review A.M. Slaughter
My husband found this app after the birth of our second child and initially, I thought it was great. Having used the app for several weeks, I realize that it's just ok. The app blocks you from doing multiple tasks like pumping and bottle feeding, which is common for me. Also, there is no way to indicate that I'm pumping both breasts at the same, or at least I haven't figured out how to log such pumping in that manner. It would be nice to have a timer in the app to keep up with pumping, etc so I don't miss a pumping session. A notes section would also come in handy so that I can record information I want to remember and/or pass on to the pediatrician.
Laura Lopez review Laura Lopez
I use this app more than Facebook right now! This app has a very organized layout and is very easy to use. I can keep track of everything that is important with our new baby and I am excited that I'll be able to track the milk I pump once I return to work. My only disappointment is that I didn't have this with our other two kids. I nurse, pump, and track my baby's sleep patterns with this app and I highly recommend it!
Rebekah Whitesel review Rebekah Whitesel
This app has made it much easier for me to keep track of my newborn's feedings. It is fairly easy to use and navigate. I like how I can fix mistakes I've made. The only thing I would change is to make the amounts more specific. When using formula or pumping, I am restricted to record in 10's of mL or half ounces. I would like to be able to be more specific. Otherwise, great app!
Andrea Robert review Andrea Robert
This app is easy to use and keeping track of feeding lengths has come in so handy when my little one's pattern changes. I have been using it since my little guy was about a month old and he's now 10 months old. Early on, I was having a hard time remembering which side I nursed on or left off on and this app took away that guess-work! A life saver!!!
Heidi Jespersen review Heidi Jespersen
This app has really saved my life. It keeps me so organized and on top of feedings and naps during my busy days. I can't always keep everything straight and remember my baby's feeding or sleeping schedule. The nursing timer helps me to keep everything straight and gives me some peace of mind. It's amazing
Angie Frazer Lancour review Angie Frazer Lancour
I love the simplicity. It seems like other apps have so many features that I don't really need. This one is easy and quick to record feedings and outputs. One recommendation I have is that you add an option to add a note to recorded feedings and diaper changes. That would allow for tracking details and still keep the app simple!
Carrie Madison review Carrie Madison
It helps so much with timing her feedings and keeping track of diaper changes. I do wish the pump section allowed for more precise measurements and the diaper section had a note area so can track if having poop/pee changes. I also wish they're was an area just for notes for when baby starts eating. It would be nice to have it all together.
A Google user review A Google user
I love love love this app it shows me quickly how long it has been since my son last ate and tracks when I pump and when my son gets a bottle. Also love how in the history it adds up how many times your baby ate and in the pump section how much you pumped that day and the days before. Everything is easy to find and straight forward. This app saves me from trying and failing to remember when my little one ate last or how long he has been eating and witch side. So pretty much I just love everything about this app and would highly recommend it to all nursing mommy's
Amanda Hessenauer review Amanda Hessenauer
So easy to use for tracking breastfeeding. I've used that feature from day one with my newborn (now seven weeks old). There is no way I would be able to track feeding length/times and which side he fed from last without this app. Highly recommend for ease of use and user friendly interface. Just open app and tap one button to start tracking at each feeding. Save results when finished, it's super easy.
Nicole Poh review Nicole Poh
Love it! With my first I tried to journal feedings and it was an epic fail. The hospital staff was so impressed with the app. It's a great way to keep track of it all. Only thing I could think to add would be a comment section under each entry where you could add anything else you wanted to document.
Katie B. review Katie B.
Love this app! Great for keeping track of feedings, diaper changes and sleep. It is so much easier than writing everything down like they have you do at the hospital. Life as a new mommy has been very hectic, but this app has helped tremendously. Would highly recommend. Only complaint is military time when manually entering events; AM or PM would be more preferable in my opinion.
Jasmine Clapper review Jasmine Clapper
Really like this app. Honestly my only complaints are that you can't time pumping and bottle feeding at the same time, and that you can't time pumping both breasts at the same time (though I have found ways around it by editing the entry times after the fact). And, not a complaint, but it would be nice if there was a widget for this app that shows how long it's been since baby's last feeding, but that's just a suggestion. Overall I like the app, very helpful.
Hillary Tomblin review Hillary Tomblin
The one and only thing I would change is the pumping measurements. I don't want to round how much I pumped. Love keeping track of diapers, which side he eats off of and being able to get into a routine. The ads are kind of annoying, but most apps have them.
Julie H review Julie H
Great functions, just wish there was a place to add notes. Also wish there was an easy way to delete multiple previous entries. App seemed to slow down, so I deleted previous weeks info, but had to go to each entry individually. Seems to drain my battery if I leave the app open.
Nicola Walker review Nicola Walker
I was using another app with no problems, then my son switched between one breast and both breasts at a feeding. My current app couldnt record double feedings so I searched for this feature and couldn't find it....until I found this app!! I know it's probably a feature that most dont think about but for me it made a big difference. Simple layout and very easy to use. I love that I can change the data/time if I make a mistake. Love it