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Student 1.0.223 apk, update on 2017-06-01
The new student life simulator will help you to have some fun, to remember your past and you're likely to experience new emotions!

Off you go to making out and you'll succeed: go out on dates, flirt with your classmates and by the final year start dating with a TOP-model. Don't miss some cool parties and festivals, but do not forget either to geek out.
Promote your business from the hot dog house up to the chain of gas stations. Hang out with friends, attend the classes and become the CEO of Halliburton. Work hard, earn some money and buy the most expensive items. More money!

Your way to succeed: from the discounts at flea market up to your graduation, become a really succesful and buy your personal plane!

Student APK reviews

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Carlos Gonzalez review Carlos Gonzalez
Hard, and boring
More you progress the harder it gets to keep your character bearly alive. Its a game where you have to spend real money to progress.
Can't get in
I go to play and keeps lodging me out the game
A Google User review A Google User
Its YodaSpock review Its YodaSpock
To the 'fEmInIsTs' complaining the game of being sexist, stfu. Why did you download to play this?? Morons. Anyways keeping up with energy, happiness, etc. is a BOTHER! ANNOYING AND A WASTE OF TIME. the game isnt fun also it isnt sexist. So what if theres a fat and ugly chick you can trade in for a smokin hottie. FAT IS UGLY. the game sucks
Regina Taylor review Regina Taylor
waiting for item delivery is tedious. I normally order things and go find something else to do until they arrive. which sucks because I opened this game because I wanted to play this game.
J-Kun / 제이쿤 review J-Kun / 제이쿤
Was doing so well untill worst events keep happening literally 10 times in a row. Now I got eliminated. That's so stupid...
Nick Steele review Nick Steele
This game is sexist, elitist and evil, with postive choices that reward your happiness like "laugh at a geek" and "disrupt class", Just to name a few, this game has you tapping your life away, shoving ads in your face and using you as clickbate. This game is worse than worthless, it's evil and made by idiots. It should be pulled from the play store.
Mark Wells review Mark Wells
Every 5 seconds you have a bad event pop up and drain all your happiness and health and take your money but you only get a good event like every 20 minutes that barely gives you anything. This needs to be fixed.
Somekidwithacomputer review Somekidwithacomputer
I liked it it's not the best game ever but I like games where you work your way up though the ranks
A Google user review A Google user
It's boring all they do is just stand there no one download
Jordyn Dalton review Jordyn Dalton
One of the most sexist games I have ever played. One of your first options is to buy a chubby girlfriend. It only gets worse from there.
Matthew Blower review Matthew Blower
Awful throughout... wants access to your phone calls and contacts, then fails at the English language making the game hard to understand.
James Alexander review James Alexander
Loads halfway then kicks me out
Tyler Kirtland review Tyler Kirtland
Fun game wish all the hurt or heal pop ups would be less frequent
Djer Petersen review Djer Petersen
Jordan Squad